A downloadable Idra Lemming for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You can play the game by clicking on Cunhydra.html but this is just the first part of the project. You have to read the pdf, and listen the sound piece
if you need all the purpose of this residency. Infortunely, a lot of this content is in French.

This is not a game per se, it's more a multidisciplinary project that includes the use of video game software, and references to talk about the refusal of patriarchy in art (and video games and other unclassifiable hybrid creations...), the rejection of the art form who serve the capitalism, the refusal to create without thinking about privileges, to regain self-confidence and to create together with our political conviction.

We were 9 during a 2 weeks residency without cisgender man,  in a big house of fifteen persons. We succefuly work together and we created an idendity behind who we desapeared . This identity was Idra Lemming.
The residence took place in the abandoned wing of a former research laboratory on frogs, transformed in collective housing. We lived and worked in this place.
The first part of the show, was in the Zabriskie Point Gallery in Geneva. Here people entering in the space of the exhibition they activate a button hidden under the carpet, this action launch a game in wich you have to kill an hydra. The hydra is slowly burning by the action to walk on the mat at the enter.  

Visitors, despite themselves, participates to kill the Hydra. After a few number of hit, she explode and the sentence " Find out" ("Renseigne-toi" in French)
appear. Next, somebody who wear a yellow t-shirt with an hydra on it, give you an envelope with the same sentence. This mean you have to come at Malagnou, the house where we worked and lived.
The next part of the exhibition/ game take place here. At this place you have to walk in the space and compose your edition by picking the different part of the zine. And you can listen the sound piece during your perambulation. At event finish with the DJ set of Miss Sheitana, who is also taking a part of the Hydra.
The edition is incomplete for the moment, there is just the bad quality version, but i will upload an update soon.$

                                    Idra Lemming

You can also play the game and see the code at this adress : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/326892080/

If you are interested by exhibited the project you can contact us at idralemming@gmail.com

Install instructions

Open the Cunhydra.html file and play. Then listen the "Renseigne toi sound" sound and read the pdf into the "Edition Renseigne-toi" file. 

You can see more about this project in the file Photo. 


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